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baluster is really a shape that became an architectural detail. “Baluster” has come to mean any brace between the handrail and footrail

Balusters or spindles are the most visible aspect of a balustrade and fortunately among the most versatile. WoodStairs offers a wide variety of balusters in both wrought iron and wood. See below for more information on how to use these components to create a unique and beautiful staircase.[/vc_column_text]

Whether you are adhering to timeless old world designs or creating a unique contemporary piece of art, careful attention should be given to this most versatile prevalent of components. So much of what makes staircases and balustrades beautiful lies within the emotional rhythm expressed by the combination of creatively repeating designs. Look for inspiration in the architectural detail of your home such as moulding profiles, patterns in your décor or wall paper patterns or even designs from your natural surroundings.